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Older People Strategy - A Time of Our Lives


A Time of Our Lives is a strategy that looks at how quality of life can be improved for all older people in Poole. It is based on the views and ideas put forward by the older population in Poole.

The Strategy looks at both short and long term actions. There are a number of strategic actions that will drive change, and will evolve and develop over time. Other actions will begin over the next year, and these will produce an immediate benefit to the older population of Poole. In particular, the Strategy looks at eight major issues which can affect a good quality of life:

  • Access to Information and Advice
  • Financial Stability
  • Housing and Housing Related Support
  • Getting Involved
  • Remaining Healthy and Independent
  • Crime and Safety
  • Being Able to Get Out and About
  • Being Heard

    The Strategy is led by the Older People's Services Steering Group, which is part of the Poole Partnership. This group consists of representatives from a range of agencies as well as local councillors, Poole's Older People's Champion and local older people, and is chaired by a local older person.

    If you would like to get involved with developing future services for older people, and shaping 'A Time Of Our Lives' over the next five years, please contact Poole Partnership.

Review date

1 May 13

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