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Welfare Reform: Headline Impacts of Reforms Introduced in 2013


This report provides summary information on the welfare reforms that are being introduced “to help more people to move into and progress in work, while supporting the most vulnerable”

Key facts

  • Nationally 3.1 million households will have higher entitlement to benefit as a result of the introduction of Universal Credit. Originally to be introduced in 2013 this has now been delayed.

  • The Borough of Poole was among one in four local authorities who decided to protect some specified vulnerable groups when it introduced a local Council Tax Support Scheme.

  • The financial impact of the changes to a local Council Tax Support Scheme in Poole was limited to 4,500 claimant households.

  • 730 housing benefit claimants in Poole were affected by the introduction of the under occupation of social housing reform when it was introduced in April 2013.

  • Inflation is increasing at higher rate for Fuel, Food and Water; the commodities that lower income households spend proportionally more on compared to higher income households.

  • 7,510 Poole residents were claiming out work benefits in May 2013.

You can find the paper on the headline impact of welfare reforms introduced in 2013 here.

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<January 2014>

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<January 2014>

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