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Population Strategic Assessment

The 'Population Strategic Assessment' provides initial population figures from the 2011 Census and key demographic issues for Poole. It is part of a series of papers highlighting key issues in Poole.

Key Findings

  • On Census day, 27th March 2011, Poole's population was estimated to be 147,600. The population grew by 6.7% (+ 9,300 people) from the 2001 Census.

  • The number of children and young people (0-19) increased by 1.9%. The population structure has changed over the last 10 years, with increasing numbers of children under 5.

  • Poole has a high proportion of people aged 65+ compared to nationally. In Poole, 20.5% of the population are aged 65 and over compared to 16.4% in England and Wales.

  • Poole's population is predicted to continue increasing, particularly for children and adults aged 65+. This will have an impact on services, including higher demand for school places, or care and housing services for the elderly.

  • Levels of internal migration (within the UK) increased from 2002 - 2006, have remained stable until 2009/10, and have since decreased. Data on international migration (outside the UK) suggest a recent rise in levels, following a decline from 2008.

  • Data on National Insurance Number Allocations to overseas nationals suggests that a large number of allocations in Poole are made to migrants from European Union Accession States.

Please see the population strategic assessment for more information.

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June 2011

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July 2012

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