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Poole's Child Poverty Needs Assessment


The Child Poverty Act 2010 meant each Local Authority has a statutory duty to prepare and publish a needs assessment of children living in poverty in their area.

The purpose of this needs assessment is to inform a clear set of priorities and actions, which will shape strategies and services locally, to reduce child poverty and mitigate its impact.

The Needs Assessment report highlights:

  • Key findings

  • What is Child Poverty and why must it be a priority for Poole

  • The extent and nature of child poverty in Poole

  • The impact of Child Poverty on children in Poole

  • The drivers of Child Poverty in Poole

Key findings

  • There is strong evidence that growing up in poverty can influence every area of a child's development, social, educational and personal.

  • Child poverty in Poole is exacerbated by two factors. Poole is a relatively low wage economy, partly due to the above average employment in the industrial sector. Poole's median household income is 96% of the GB national average. Additionally. Poole has housing costs which are 25% higher than the national average.

  • 17% (just under 5,000) of children and young people in Poole lived in poverty in 2008.   

  • Three quarters of children living in poverty in Poole, lived in non-working families claiming income support or job seekers allowance, compared to a quarter living in low-income working families.

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