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Your Borough Of Poole

Key Economic Statistics


This report is a quarterly updated digest of key economic statistics for Poole and Bournemouth.

It contains data on the following topics: 

  • Population size

  • Economic activity

  • Out-of-work benefit claimants

  • Workless households

  • Earnings

  • House prices and affordability

  • Private sector rents

  • Higher level qualifications.

Key Findings for Poole

  • The employment rate for those aged 16-64 is 76.3%(The figure for GB is 78%.)
  • The (modelled) unemployment rate is 3.9%(The figure for GB is 4.7%.)
  • The out-of-work benefits claimant rate is 1.1% (It is 1.9% for GB.)
  • 1,025 persons in Poole who were available for and capable of work claimed an out-of-work benefit in June 2017
  • Median hourly rate of pay for full-time employees who live in Poole is £13.36 (98% of Gb median)
  • Median hourly rate of pay for full-time employees who work in Poole is £12.57 (92% of GB median )
  • The ratio of lower quartile house prices to lower quartile resident FT earnings is 9.8 ( compared to 7.1 for England). This measures housing affordability.
  • The average selling price for houses in Poole in May 2017 was £299,734 (£220,713 for UK). These are not simple averages.  

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