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Health and Wellbeing Strategic Assessment

The 'Health and Wellbeing Strategic Assessment' highlights key issues for health and wellbeing in Poole. It is one of a series of papers highlighting key issues that form part of Poole's Strategic Assessment.

Key Findings

Generally speaking, Poole performs better than the English average across a wide range of health variates, as can be readily seen from the spine charts in the latest Health Profile (2015) for Poole. However, significant health inequalities exist between the most and least deprived neighbourhoods.

  • Using the Slope Index of Inequality (SSI) method, male life expectancy increases by 7.9 years and female expectancy by 6.4 years, as we pass from the highest to lowest areas of deprivation. (see the paper for further information)

  • At ward level, life expectancy increases by 7.2 years as we go from the "worst" to the "best" ward; female life expectancy increases by 5 years. (The "best" ward for each gender is Broadstone. The "worst" for males is Branksome East, and the "worst" for females is Poole Town.)

  • Approximately 18.5% of children in Poole aged 0-15 are living in poverty.

  • Poole is in the best national quartile for early death rates from heart disease or stroke and also in the best quartile for obese children at Year 6 (age 10-11).

  • However, obesity is an issue among both adults and children. One adult in every five in Poole is now classified as obese, which is close to the national average. The obesity rate among reception children is also similar to the England average.

  • The rate of recorded diabetes continues to increase (although now similar to the England average).

  • Unemployment and poverty are highly correlated with poor health.

  • Residents generally rate their health as good or very good. Ratings of good health vary by area with the highest rating in Broadstone Merley and Bearwood (80.7%) and lowest in Hamworthy East and Hamworthy West (67.1%).

  • Unplanned admissions to hospital are an area of improvement identified by Poole's performance management framework.

Please see the 'Health and Wellbeing Paper' for further information.

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September 2015

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