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Economy Strategic Assessment

The 'Economy Strategic Assessment' highlights the key issues around the economy in Poole. It is part of a series of papers highlighting key issues in Poole.

Key Findings

  • Poole has the highest proportion of residents aged 65+ of any urban area in England.

  • A shortage of skills across Poole impacts the performance of the local economy. Whilst the availability of higher skills (NVQ4+) has increased this still stands behind national expectations and more significantly behind competitor areas.

  • 50% of Poole's employees are working in health, manufacturing, retail and education.

  • Employees resident in Poole earn 10% less than their national counterparts.

  • The expectations are that new or redeveloped employment land is expected to deliver an additional 14,000 jobs in Poole by 2026. 

For further information please see the 'Economy Strategic Assessment'.

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Date Published 
September 2011

Last Updated
September 2011

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