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Communities Evidence Paper

This paper highlights key issues relating to 'Stronger Communities'. It summarises the key findings from the 2011 Shaping Poole Survey and identifies the implications for policy and planning to improve residents' perceptions and quality of life for people in Poole.

Key Issues

  • Overall residents are highly satisfied with their local area as a place to live (87%). However this varies by Safer Neighbourhood Area; ranging from 74% in Alderney to 96% in Broadstone and Merley & Bearwood.

  • Overall a high proportion of residents feel people from different backgrounds get on well together (81%).

  • Feeling of neighbourhood belonging is low overall (56%), with perceptions varying by Safer Neighbourhood Area.

  • 20% feel there is a problem with people not treating each other with respect and consideration, which is significantly lower than in 2008 (26%).

  • 31% of respondents feel they can influence decisions in their local area.

  • Overall 22% volunteer on a regular basis.

  • There is increased public confidence with community safety issues, particularly in dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour, with significant improvements across all Safer Neighbourhood Areas since 2008.

  • There are low perceptions of anti-social behaviour being a problem in the local area.

You can see a copy of the latest 2014 Shaping Poole results here

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October 2012

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