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Children's Centre Reach Profiles

The Children's Centre Area Profiles provide an overview of children and young people aged 0-19 living within Poole, and within each of the 8 reach areas. They focus on the numbers of children living within the cluster areas, their age structure, ethnicity and levels of deprivation.

The profiles also outline children and young people's needs in terms of their health, safety, achievement, behaviour and economic wellbeing, as identified by the Children and Young People's Needs Analysis 2011/12. The profiles compare data across Poole's Children's Centre Areas, and the Borough of Poole overall.
The profiles are updated annually with the latest population data and findings from the Children and Young People's Needs Analysis.
To open the Cluster Area Profiles please click on the area names below.

Children's Centre Area Profiles

Poole Overall

Branksome Chidren's Centre Area

Canford Heath Chidren's Centre Area

Creekmoor Chidren's Centre Area

Hamworthy Chidren's Centre Area

Newtown (Ted Webster) Chidren's Centre Area

Poole Old Town Chidren's Centre Area

Parkstone Chidren's Centre Area

Rossmore Chidren's Centre Area


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