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Bourne Valley Profile

The Local Strategic Partnership, Poole Partnership, has prioritised the Bourne Valley for a Neighbourhood Management Project to achieve a turnaround in the area's fortune to lift residents' satisfaction and close the gap for health, education and income with the rest of Poole.

This area profile was developed for the neighbourhood management area, describing the characteristics of the Bourne Valley and wider study area as of June 2010 using statistical evidence from a range of sources. Baseline data will be established to inform the Neighbourhood Management Partnership and identify issues that are important to the Bourne Valley. The area profile was updated in April 2012 and provides analysis on changes since the original profile.

The profile:

  • The original profile of the Bourne Valley area is as of June 2010 and it was updated in April 2012.
  • Identifies the boundaries of the 'Bourne Valley' area and the wider study area within the which the Neighbourhood Management project will operate.
  • Brings together existing data and information from partner agencies to compile a profile of Bourne Valley and the surrounding area to brief practitioners.
  • Will be used to evaluate the outcomes of the Neighbourhood Management Project.

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June 2010

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April 2012

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