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Avoiding Hospital Admissions Briefing Paper

This paper considers the research evidence on ‘Avoiding Hospital Admissions’, to show why it should be a priority for Poole. It highlights key issues for Poole, using data on recent trends, comparisons with national figures, information on at risk groups, and the areas affected. A future edition of this briefing paper will include evidence on long term admissions and delayed discharge. 

Key Findings

Avoiding hospital admissions is an important issue for Poole because:

  • Rates of emergency admissions are high and increasing in Poole

  • Poole has high numbers of potentially avoidable admissions

  • Poole has a high and increasing older population at highest risk of emergency admissions

  • People living in the most deprived areas are at highest risk of avoidable admissions in Poole

  • Emergency hospital admissions incur high costs and potential savings

  •  Levels of day care and home support in the community are falling as budget cuts take effect

  •  Reducing hospital admissions would contribute to better quality of life

See the 'Avoiding Hospital Admissions' report for more information.

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Date Published 
June 2011

Last Updated
June 2011

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