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A8 Nationals in the Borough of Poole


This series of reports is written in response to a demand for local insight to develop understanding of recent migration to Poole from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic following these countries' accession to the European Union in 2004.

Stage One - A Review of Existing Data and Statistics

The purpose of this report is to summarise current knowledge about A8 migrants living and working in Poole. It draws together both national and emerging local data and insight to develop a picture of migrants coming from the A8 countries to live and work in Poole.

Stage Two - Experiences of Polish Migrants - Motivation, Networks and Integration

This report looks specifically at Polish migrants, as the largest representative A8 group within the Borough. It seeks to develop knowledge of the experiences of Polish migrant workers, in order to advance local understanding and to help ease their transition into the local community. It concentrates on personal accounts gathered through in-depth interviews with fifteen Polish migrant workers who live and work within the Borough of Poole. In particular it considers the choices these migrants made, the barriers they have faced and the ways in which they have been able to fit in to an unfamiliar English society.

Stage Three - Experiences of Polish Migrants - Practical Aspects of Migration to Poole

This report re-examines the fifteen migrant interviews in order to develop further understanding of the practicalities of Polish migration to the Borough - considering aspects such as finding work, housing, leisure time and contact with local services.

The information collected through this project provided evidence for a successful funding bid to the Migration Impacts Fund (£290,000), and helped to guide the development of the Bournemouth and Poole Migrant Support Project, and the Poole Welcome Pack.

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