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Travel to Work Census Theme Paper


This theme paper examines key findings from the 2011 Census on methods of travel to work by Poole's resident working population. It also makes comparisons with Census 2001 data. It analyses travel to work by gender, hours worked, industry and other characteristics.

Key facts from the Travel to Work Theme Paper include:

  • Driving to work (by car or van) was by far the most common method of travel to work. In Poole, 68% of commuters drove to work. A further 6% travelled as passengers in such vehicles.

  • Only 7% of Poole’s commuters travel to work by public transport.

  • Green travel: 16% of Poole’s commuters walk or cycle to work.

  • There have been few significant changes since 2001 in how people in Poole travel to work.

  • Males aged 16-19 are more likely than any other group by age or gender to cycle to work.

  • Females are significantly less likely to cycle to work than males.

You can find the 2011 Census Travel to Work Theme Paper here.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has produced a report looking at the method of travel to work in England and Wales and key differences between the regions. You can find this report here. You can find the analysis on cycling to work by the ONS here

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<June 2013>

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<April 2014>

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