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Older People Census Theme Papers


There are two Census theme papers on older people. The main paper examines those aged 65 or over. In addition, there is a shorter supplementary paper on Poole’s very elderly residents – those aged 85 or over.

You may want to read this paper in conjunction with companion Census Theme Papers on Housing Tenure, Families and Households, General Health and Disability and Unpaid Care, all of which can be found here.

Key Facts

Key facts from these papers include:

  • 30,158 residents of Poole were aged 65 or over on Census day (March 27, 2011). They comprised 20% of the total population.

  • 4,919 residents of Poole were aged 85 or over. They comprised 3.3% of the total population.

  • There were 45 centenarians in Poole.

  • Near four out of ten residents of Canford Cliffs were aged 65 or over.

  • There was wide variation (ten-fold) in the proportion of the elderly (aged 65+) in Poole’s lower super output areas who said that there health was bad or very bad.

Here are links to the main paper and the supplementary paper.

The Office of National Statistics have produced a report on what the Census tells us about Older People in England and Wales that can be found here.

Report Status

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<October 2013>

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<January 2014>

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