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Housing Tenure Census Theme Paper

This theme paper examines key findings from the 2011 Census on housing tenure in Poole. It makes comparisons with Census 2001 data and comments on changes over the decade. It begins with a top-level analysis and then examines detailed characteristics by type of tenure.

The reader might also like to read an associated paper on Families and
Households which can be found here.

Key facts from the Housing Tenure Theme Paper include:

  • Home ownership is declining, both locally and nationally.

  • Between 2001 and 2011 the owner occupation rate in Poole fell from 78% to 70% of all households. (In England & Wales the rate fell from 68% to 64%.)

  • Between 2001 and 2011 the percentage of households in Poole buying their home with a mortgage fell from 43% to 35%. (In England & Wales it fell from 39% to 34%.)

  • In 2011 36% of households in Poole owned their homes outright, the same figure as 2001. (In England & Wales it rose from 29% to 31%.)

  • The percentage of households in Poole renting increased from 21% to 28% over the decade. (In England & Wales it increased from 31% to 34%.)

You can find the Housing Tenure 2011 Census Theme Paper here.

The Office of National Statistics have produced a report on home ownership and renting in England and Wales that can be found here.

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