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Families and Households Census Theme Paper

This theme paper summarises the marital status and broad living arrangements of Poole’s residents in 2011 using data from the latest census. It is very much a top-level paper. Deeper analyses will be possible when further data releases become available.

Key facts from the Families and Households Theme Paper include:

  • In 2011, 49.2% of the usually resident adult population of Poole were
    married, a decrease from 54.4% in 2001. For England & Wales, the
    respective corresponding percentages were 46.6% and 50.9%. 

  • In 2011 persons in cohabiting couples accounted for 12.2% of the adult
    population living in households in Poole, compared to 9.5% in 2001.  For
    England & Wales the respective figures were 11.9% and 9.8%. 

  • The total number of households1 in 2011 in Poole was 63,530, an increase
    of 7.6% from 59,047 in 2001. For England & Wales the corresponding
    increase was 7.9%. 

  • Of the households in Poole in 2011, 3,585 or 5.6% contained a lone parent with dependent children. The corresponding percentage for England & Wales in 2011 was 7.2%. The percentages in 2001 were 5.6% for Poole and 6.5% for England & Wales.

You can find the Families and Households 2011 Census Theme Paper here.

The Office of National Statistics have produced a 2011 Census report looking at Families and Households across England and Wales and its regions. You can find their report here.

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