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Oakdale Ward

Oakdale Ward is located in the centre of Poole and shares boundaries with Creekmoor, Poole Town, Parkstone, Newtown, Canford Heath West and Canford Heath East Wards. A retail park and industrial area runs along the western boundary by Holes Bay. The rest of the ward is mainly residential, with Parr’s plantation (predominantly woodland) located in the north east of the ward, and Oakdale Park and Play Area in the centre.

Key facts from the 2011 Census regarding Oakdale Ward include: 

  • In 2011 the resident population of Oakdale Ward was 11,554 people with 4,708 households.

  • This area has a much larger population density with the number of people per hectare being 39.6 compared to 22.8 in Poole as a whole.

  • Owner occupation in Oakdale Ward is higher than Poole overall. The proportion of households living in socially rented accommodation from the Council is higher in Oakdale Ward than in Poole. 

  • The proportion of the economically active population aged 16-74 who are unemployed is lower in Oakdale Ward compared to Poole

  • Most residents in this ward are employed in the whole and retail and health sectors.

  • Residents of Oakdale ward are less qualified than Poole overall with 24.2% having no qualifications compared to 21.4% in Poole.

  • A smaller proportion of residents in this area are employed in managerial or professional occupation than in Poole.

You can find the Oakdale Ward 2011 Census Area Profile here

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