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Your Borough Of Poole

Management Team

Interim arrangements for the period when John McBride left the authority, on 31 March, to the date when a new Chief Executive takes up the post are as follows:

The Chief Executive’s role and responsibilities will be shared by Andrew Flockhart, Strategic Director for Place & Business Improvement, and Jan Thurgood,Strategic Director for People.

This means that with effect from 1 April:

Andrew Flockhart took on the role of acting Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service

Jan Thurgood acts Deputy Chief Executive

As acting Chief Executive, Andrew’s role includes:

  • Supporting the Leader of the Council and other lead members

  • Attending Council and Cabinet meetings

  • Chairing the Management Team

  • Acting as Chief Executive on Place and Business Improvement Themes

  • Representing the Council to business partners, land owners, the Dorset LEP and others.

Jan Thurgood will act as Deputy Chief Executive for the authority as a whole and will carry all Chief Executive responsibilities in relation to the People Theme.

Kevin McErlane has been appointed as Interim Director.



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