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Sustaining Poole's Seafront

(14th June - 6th September 2013)

The Borough of Poole has prepared a Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) titled Sustaining Poole’s Seafront which highlights how the Council plans to conserve, improve & invest in Poole’s Seafront.

You are invited to make comments on this document which is subject to a 12 week public consultation beginning on 14 June and finishing on 6 September 2013.

Poole’s seafront is a magnificent asset that is enjoyed by residents and visitors whether playing on the beach, walking or cycling on the promenade or enjoying the views around and across Poole Bay. However, behind the natural setting is ageing infrastructure such as old toilet blocks, historic pipework and only a limited range of facilities. Public engagement to date has informed the Council that people would like to see a greater choice of facilities, more beach huts and for more to be made of the wonderful environment but without destroying the essential natural setting.

Without investment the ageing infrastructure will fail resulting in closed toilets, burst pipes and potentially closure of part of the beach. The SPD has been produced to create a framework for managing change across the entire seafront of Poole, identifying opportunities for development of additional facilities that in turn can help pay for improvement in infrastructure.

In order to achieve Our Vision for the seafront 3 Key Themes have been identified that run through the draft document:

  • Deliver high quality design and construction.

  • Maintain, respect and enhance the natural environment.

  • Improve connections between the seafront beaches, the town centre and wider surrounding conurbation.

The following questions can be used to assist in responding to the consultation, but any feedback is welcomed:

1.    The draft SPD provides an approach to planning for the future of the seafront. Please let us know your views on this approach.

2.    Poole’s seafront requires considerable investment in infrastructure. Doing nothing is not an option. Do you consider that the opportunities that have been identified provide an appropriate balance of facilities to improve Poole’s seafront? If not, why not?

3.    Do you have any other comments regarding investment and improvement in Poole’s seafront?

Any feedback should be received by 6 September 2013.

If you have any queries please email planning@poole.gov.uk with "Sustaining Poole's Seafront" in the subject line.


The illustrative plan for Sandbanks was modified to take account of the provisions of the Poole Borough Council Act 1986. The original plan and the amended consultation document version are shown in the thumbnail image which can be found under the downloads section on the right of this page.

Changes include the removal of the development on the far east and west edges of the Sandbanks plan area, and the deletion of the swimming and viewing jetty on the seaward side.

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