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Outdoor Fitness

(3 Oct 11- 21 Oct 11)

In 2009 and 2010 Leisure Services installed various pieces of outdoor fitness equipment in Poole Park and Harbourside Park, providing the opportunity to exercise for free in beautiful surroundings.

New funding has been received from the Primary Care Trust (PCT) in the amount of £65,000 that will allow new outdoor fitness equipment to be installed across the Borough that will link with existing or new play areas.

In addition, £40,000 had been allocated from the Planning obligations (developer contributions) fund for Branksome West for an outdoor fitness trail in Branksome Recreation ground.

The importance of outdoor fitness equipment
Physical activity has well documented protective effects against the risk of a person developing a number of chronic long-term conditions, including heart disease, cancer and musculo-skeletal problems.

This investment by Poole PCT supports the development of environments that encourage local residents to become more physically active.

Prevention of chronic disease over the longer term is recognised as a highly cost-effective investment compared with many interventions for acute disease currently funded by the NHS.

To get more information on existing outdoor fitness equipment in Poole please visit www.leisureprojects.net/greengyms.htm.

Consultation on Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Leisure Services consulted on what the public thought of various different types of equipment, where it should be located on the open spaces, and how people might exercise once it is installed. The consultation ran from 3rd October 2011 to 21st October 2011.

Good feedback was received from the public on the installation of new outdoor fitness equipment around the Borough and suppliers have now been appointed for each of the four sites.

The consultation results were very positive with helpful additional comments such as "I use the ones in Poole Park . . . they are fantastic and I strongly recommend them for all areas. They must be saving the NHS a fortune!"

The decision has been taken to re-locate the proposed site at Foreland Road on Turlin Moor into Hamworthy Park. This follows comments made in the consultation and will allow the maximum number of people possible to use the equipment across two pieces of open space. The equipment in Hamworthy Park will be sited near to the adventurous play area near the Hamworthy Education centre and rebound wall. The other 3 sites stay as proposed on the original maps.

You can view the designs and layout of equipment for each location with accompanying site plans on the right hand side of this page. Signage, distance markers and other site specific items will be developed over the next couple of months.

It should be noted that the Branksome recreation ground installation will not go ahead until the outcome of a request for a judicial review is finalised which will be sometime in the New year.

The installation times will be confirmed for each site but are likely to be early in 2012.

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