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Your Borough Of Poole

Housing Strategy Consultation

(7 January - 11 March 2013)

The Borough of Poole, in common with much of the UK, is growing and changing. Meeting the housing needs of Poole, now and in the future, is important to residents, the Council and its partners. The Council has identified a number of significant regeneration sites for future development and housing is at the heart of many of these sites.

The purpose of the housing strategy is to inform about Poole’s housing needs and issues and to set out key challenges where action will be required to help meet both current and future housing need.

We invited people to let us know if we had identified the right needs and issues and comment on, and importantly, contribute to the identified priorities for action. An on-line feedback form was available to submit comments on the draft strategy from the 7 January 2013 to the 11 March 2013.

If you have any queries regarding the housing strategy, please contact us on 01202 633495 or email research@poole.gov.uk.