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Future of the Garden Waste Scheme

20 Jun 11- 29 Jul 11

The current Garden Waste Scheme

What do we do now?
Provide a non chargeable garden waste collection service to 22,000 properties within the Borough using 240 litre bins with fortnightly collection. The scheme operates from April to October and is delivered by double shifting refuse vehicles with staff working from 15:00 to 23:00.

Meeting future demand
"When am I going to get a green bin?" is a frequently asked question by residents. It was a key demand communicated during the Waste Strategy Consultation in October 2008.

In addition, a proportion of residents who already participate in the scheme have requested that the service should be expanded to cover more of the year.

The current participation rate is high with 95% of residents putting their bin out once every 6 week period.

Offering the scheme to all residents will enable those not previously selected to participate if they wish.

What is the proposal?
To cease free collection and introduce an opt-in chargeable garden waste scheme which is available to all properties within the Borough. The scheme would offer subscribers the benefit of an extended fortnightly collection of garden waste from March until November utilising a 240 litre wheeled bin or a sack where a bin could not be accommodated.

In addition to demand, the Spending Review 2010 has meant that Local Authorities have seen, and will continue to see, significant reductions in funding. As a result the Council will not be able to extend the garden waste scheme to additional properties without introducing a charge for collections.

An information leaflet explained about the proposals.

Garden Waste Consultation
Consultation on the proposals ran from Monday 20th June to Friday 29th July 2011 and sought the comments of Poole residents on the implementation of changes to the disposal of garden waste and the proposed chargeable garden waste collection service.

Borough of Poole's Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee considered the results of consultation before a recommendation on the future of the scheme is made to Cabinet members in September 2011.

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