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Have your say: a combined authority for Dorset

Alongside talk of unitary and devolution, you may have heard the phrase ‘combined authority’ coming up a lot recently. But what does it actually mean and how would you be affected?

The nine councils across Dorset have been working together on proposals for a combined authority. A combined authority would see them working as one democratically-accountable body around the areas of strategic economic development, regeneration and transport.

As part of this process we wanted local people's and businesses' views on the proposals set out within the scheme and constitution (the document that sets out the proposals for how a combined authority would operate in Dorset). For six weeks - until 17 June 2016 - we asked members of the public, local businesses and interest groups to have their say. For more information please take a look at our combined authority pages at www.dorset-combined-authority.uk.

Why is a combined authority a good idea for Dorset

  • As we are already aware councils need to transform the way they work in order to be fit for the future – this is the first step in that direction

  • A combined authority would provide Dorset with the certainty of structure and accountability to be successful in any devolution deal with Government

  • A combined authority would give Dorset one strong voice when bidding for funding or inward investment

  • A combined authority would provide speedier decision-making on issues related to strategic economic growth and strategic transport for the area

Six combined authorities have already been established nationally with many other areas also working towards this arrangement. This is an exciting opportunity for Dorset to be part of national change.

Next Steps

The Secretary of State must be convinced that creating the new body will improve on the current arrangements relating to effectiveness and efficiency of transport, statutory functions around economic development and regeneration, and improve economic conditions. The results of the consultation along with other documentation will be shared with Government and will be taken into account when deciding whether to lay a draft Order in Parliament. If approved this would establish the combined authority.

 If you have any questions, please contact Steph Lyons at S.Lyons@dorsetcc.gov.uk or on 01305 224271.

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