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Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule consultation

(19 December - 3rd February)

The Draft Charging Schedule is the second stage for introducing Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in the Borough. Following this consultation the Council intend to submit the Draft Charging Schedule for Examination. Therefore, all representations made in this consultation will be submitted to the examiner as part of the examination procedure.

Any person who makes representations about the Draft Charging Schedule in accordance with the statement of representations procedure may request the 'right to be heard' at the examination. This request must be submitted in writing before the end of this consultation on 3 February 2012. Representations may also be accompanied by a request to be notified, at a specified address, of any of the following:

  • That the Draft Charging Schedule has been submitted to the examiner in accordance with section 212 of PA 2008;

  • The publication of the recommendations of the examiner and the reasons for those recommendations;

  • The approval of the Charging Schedule by the Council.

Consideration of responses
Following the consultation period, the Council may decide to amend the schedule in response to comments received. Any modifications will be set out in a 'Statement of Modifications', which will be made available on the Council's website, and at the planning services reception at the time of submission of the Draft Charging Schedule.

Where the Council proposes to make amendments to the draft charging schedule as a result of the consultation, any person may also request to be heard by the examiner in relation to those modifications. Such requests must be submitted to the Council in writing before the end of the period of four weeks beginning with the day on which the draft charging schedule is submitted to the examiner in accordance with regulation 19(1). This should include reference to which modifications a person wishes to be heard on. A person who has made a request to be heard may withdraw that request at any time before the opening of the examination by giving notice in writing to the Council.

The draft charging schedule consultation ran from Monday 19th December 2011 until Friday 3rd February 2012. The consultation documents comprises the Draft Charging Schedule consultation document, a Borough wide viability assessment prepared by BNP Paribas Real Estate, supplementary viability assessments prepared by BNP Paribas Real Estate and a CIL information leaflet.
The documents are also available to view at all local libraries and at the public counter of Planning and Regeneration Services including Building Consultancy, Civic Centre, Borough of Poole.

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