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Your Borough Of Poole

Local Elections Results 2015


Local Election Results 2015
 Name  Party  Votes
 Daniel BROOKS  Labour Party   806           
 Hannah Marie CHISLETT  Green Party   475
 Mike FISHER  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1456
 Sue MALLORY  Labour Party   759
 Ian Donald NORTHOVER  Independent  139
 Simon David RIGGS  Green Party   434
 Helen ROSS  Liberal Democrat Party  1152
 Louise Sarah RUSSELL  Conservative Party  1391
 Jason Graham SANDERSON  Labour Party   700
 Henry Dylan STOCKDALE  Green Party   333
 Russell Paul TRENT  Conservative Party  1349
 Tony TRENT  Liberal Democrat Party  1323
 Richard WILSON  Liberal Democrat Party  1036

Branksome East

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Ken CHAMBERS  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  565       
 Laura Francesca COUSINS  Green Party   345
 Liz DIXON  Labour Party   471
 Annette Marion KENT  Liberal Democrat Party  411
 Chris LI   Liberal Democrat Party  306
 Drew MELLOR  Conservative Party  1613
 Robert PATTEMORE  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  513
 Karen RAMPTON  Conservative Party  1535
 J R RYAN  Green Party  262
 Stephen John SAMPSON  Labour Party  398

Branksome West

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Mike BROWNING  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  755
 Lucy Victoria COOPER  Conservative Party  830
 Julie Anne DINMORE  Green Party  484
 Philip Michael EADES  Liberal Democrat Party  1316      
 Marion LE POIDEVIN  Liberal Democrat Party  991 
 Stanley Harold PETERS  Conservative Party  775
 Martin John PRICE  Green Party  404
 Steve SHEPPARD  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  741


Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Kellie Jane BLAKE  Green Party  371
 Mike BROOKE  Liberal Democrat Party  3534
 Mark CHIVERS  Green Party  519
 Alan GERRING  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  909
 Roy GODFREY  Liberal Democrat Party  2262       
 Helen Edith HIGHWATER  Green Party  417
 Don HUDSWELL  Liberal Democrat Party  2097
 David Mark NEWELL  Conservative Party  2842
 Barry Peter SMITH  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  808
 Joanne TOMLIN  Conservative Party  2547
 Marc  UJVARI  Conservative Party  2027

Canford Cliffs

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Michael David  BAKER   Liberal Democrat Party  827
 Jacqueline BIGWOOD  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  880      
 Geoff CHIDLEY  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  876
 Martin John DAVIES  Green Party  348          
 May Yuen HAINES  Conservative Party  3658
 Mohan IYENGAR  Conservative Party  3134
 Peter Gledstone KENYON  Labour Party  376
 Kenneth Lowis  MAY  Labour Party  334
 Peter George  PAWLOWSKI  Conservative Party  3546
 Kate Linda  ROSE  Green Party  539
 Helen Frances  THOMAS  Green Party  306

Canford Heath East

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Michael  BOWMAN  Conservative Party  1064
 Jennifer Mary HODGES  Liberal Democrat Party  1331          
 Dean  MAXWELL-HARRISON  Green Party  215
 Hannah  MAXWELL-HARRISON  Green Party  267                
 Sandra Elizabeth Hazel  MOORE  Liberal Democrat Party  1339
 Zac  STANWORTH  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  795
 Andrew  TOMLIN  Conservative Party  899

Canford Heath West

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Matthew Peter BURGESS  Green Party  166 
 Alison Margaret CHALLIS  Green Party  271
 Sean GABRIEL  Conservative Party  1321
 John Taylor HAWKINS  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  666
 Christopher Paul MATTHEWS  Liberal Democrat Party  1122
 Peter Robert Frank PARRISH  Liberal Democrat Party  927
 Nick TAPPING  Money Free Party  87
 Ray TINDLE  Conservative Party  1200          
 Dominic Scott TURNER  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  497
 Roger Alfred  WYATT  Labour Party  307


Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Arron Thomas BLAKE  Green Party  518
 Jack David  BLANKLEY  Liberal Democrat Party  750
 Marian Elizabeth  BRYANT  Green Party  487
 Robin  BRYANT  Green Party  418
 Les  BURDEN  Conservative Party  2203         
 Judy  BUTT  Conservative Party  2286
 Gareth COOK  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1176
 Millie Clementine EARL  Liberal Democrat Party  735
 Heather Winifred  JONES  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1041
 John Maurice  RAMPTON  Conservative Party  1742
 Paul Richard  SLADE  Liberal Democrat Party  836

Hamworthy East

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Shirley Jessica  BROOKS Labour Party  306
 Michael David  CHALLIS  Green Party  150
 Brian  FOSTER  Liberal Democrat Party  249
 Vishal  GUPTA  Conservative Party  803
 Ian Douglas  HAY  Green Party  175
 James Edward  JONES  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  698            
 Lou  KNIGHT  Poole People - independent and local  633
 Charmaine Cassandra  PARKINSON  Poole People - independent and local  697
 John Michael  SULLIVAN  Labour Party  235
 Mike  WHITE  Conservative Party   971

Hamworthy West

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Julie  BAGWELL  Poole People - independent and local  1085       
 Karen Lesley  BOZEAT  Conservative Party  886             
 Colin Richard  DILLEY  Green Party  207
 Maxine Rosemary DUNNETT  Liberal Democrat Party  372
 Ben  FEINER  Labour Party  368
 Claire Louise  NEWTON  Green Party  205
 Jo  OLDALE  Labour Party  289
 Mike  WILKINS  Conservative Party  1197

Merley and Bearwood

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 David Anthony  BROWN  Liberal Democrat Party  2579           
 John Edward  BUTLER  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1102
 Wayland Idris  GOODLIFFE  Green Party  458
 Roger Ashton  GREGORY  Conservative Party  2284
 Peter  KAZMIERCZAK  Independent  377
 Jane  NEWELL  Conservative Party  2389
 May Veronica  NEWMAN  Liberal Democrat Party  1661
 Marion  POPE  Conservative Party  2332
 Gigi  SISMAET  Green Party  454
 Ken  SWASH  Liberal Democrat Party  1910
 Emmajay  WELCH  Green Party  312


Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Steve  BREW  Labour Party  838         
 Diana  BUTLER  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1396
 Brian Ralph  CLEMENTS  Liberal Democrat Party  1162
 Jo  CLEMENTS  Liberal Democrat Party  1082
 Faye Cheryl  CUNNINGHAM  Green Party  655
 Malcolm  FARRELL  Conservative Party  1575
 David Anthony Charles  GENESE  Green Party  446
 Hazel Margaret Elder  MALCOLM-WALKER  Labour Party  733
 Ian William  MALCOLM-WALKER  Labour Party  637
 Adrian John  OLIVER  Green Party  490
 Graham  WILSON  Conservative Party  1779
 Lindsay Anne WILSON  Conservative Party  1605
 David Ashley  YATES  Liberal Democrat Party  846


Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Larry  ADAMS  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1325
 Peter Frederick  ADAMS  Conservative Party  2080
 Tansy Francesca  EARL  Liberal Democrat Party  851
 Brian Thomas  ELLIS  Labour Party  830
 Janice  LONG  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1335
 Ian Mark  POTTER  Conservative Party  2051
 Ems  SIMPSON  Liberal Democrat Party  641             
 Ben  SKIPP  Green Party  585
 Hugh Rutherford  TODD  Poole People - independent and local  1124
 Richard John  TURNER  Green Party  506
 Janet Mary  WALTON  Conservative Party  1725
 Christopher Brian  WELCH  Green Party  452


Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Steve  BARON  Poole People - independent and local  1645
 Rupert Simon  BARRINGTON  Green Party  848
 Marty  CAINE  Independent  259
 John Ernest  CHALLINOR  Conservative Party  2059
 Maureen Anne CHAMPNESS  Labour Party  785
 Paul Robert  DREDGE  Liberal Democrat Party  951
 Pamela Margaret  JEFFERIES  Green Party  687
 Gareth  JONES  Poole People - independent and local  1359
 Bob LISTER  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  952
 James David  ROSE  Green Party  581
 Ann Margaret  STRIBLEY  Conservative Party  2297
 Emma  WILLIAMS  Conservative Party  2120
 Tony  WOODCOCK  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  789

Penn Hill

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Elaine  ATKINSON  Conservative Party  2498
 Simon James  CARD  Green Party  745
 Sally Elisabeth  CARPENTER  Poole People - independent and local  1362
 David John  DARLING  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  717
 Xena Mary-Anne  DION  Conservative Party  2131
 Martin John  HOLST  Labour Party  752
 Nicola Sabina Charlotte  JINKS  Poole People - independent and local  1039
 Philip William  MAYER  Green Party  437
 Julie  MILLAR  Green Party  651
 Ron  PARKER  Conservative Party  2198
 Robin Roy  RENNISON  Liberal Democrat Party  801
 Lyn  THOMAS  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  695

Poole Town

Local Elections 2015 Results
 Name  Party  Votes
 Darren Adrian  BROWN  Labour Party  931
 Andy  GARNER-WATTS  Conservative Party  1418
 Alvin  GUNPUTH  Conservative Party  1157
 Andy  HADLEY  Poole People - independent and local  1395
 Mark Edward  HOWELL  Poole People - independent and local  1614
 Colin David  JOHNSON  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  796
 Jon  KNIGHT  Green Party  495
 Ben  PANTLING  Green Party  389
 Chris  RAMM  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  772
 Andrew David  ROSS  Liberal Democrat Party  1159
 Andy  ROSS  Conservative Party  543
 Carolyn  SMITH  Green Party  468
 Chris  WILSON  Poole People - independent and local  1316           

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Elections 2015

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