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Your Borough Of Poole

Supplying the Council

Supplying the Council

This page is for readers interested in supplying Borough of Poole with Goods, Services or Works.

Borough of Poole wants the diversity of its suppliers to reflect the diversity of the town. We welcome bids from all businesses, whatever their size or background.

The following information should provide you with an understanding of our requirements and procurement processes to help you develop an appropriate approach to improve your chances of winning business.

Borough of Poole has:

  • Simplified Financial Regulations to remove the requirement for formal tenders below £150,000.  Three quotes from capable suppliers are required below this threshold;

  • Consulted with local business groups to develop simple, streamlined procurement processes;

  • Hosted events for local businesses to provide face-to-face access to buyers, explain changes, discuss opportunities and to obtain feedback;

  • Adopted the National Procurement Concordat for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises;

  • Adopted the Government’s standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) which means standard questions in quotes and tenders;

  • Implemented the South West Regional solution - Supplying the South for registering existing contracts and publishing opportunities for new contracts.

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Opportunities and existing contracts

View opportunities and existing contracts at Supplying the South:

  • Register to receive email alerts when relevant opportunities are published;

  • Review the existing contracts portfolio and see:

           - what contracts has the Council awarded?
           - who have contracts been awarded to?
           - when are existing contracts due to expire?

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Rules we have to follow

Understanding Public Procurement

Procurement is the process the Council uses to acquire goods, works and services.

Public procurement requirements are sometimes misunderstood. Many people ask why Council contracts can’t be awarded to local suppliers as this would protect local employment. The Council is required, under public procurement law, to follow a series of processes to ensure fair competition and transparency.

The process to award contracts can seem bureaucratic. The benefits of such a process include fairness, legality and transparency. The process is fully documented electronically and the history can be scrutinised. Red tape is kept to a minimum.

The Council is committed to encouraging local businesses and enterprises, as well as supporting new markets and innovative solutions.

Guidance for Suppliers

If you are considering supplying this Council then please read the following before you submit your bid. These guides should help you to understand the Council’s requirements:

a) Mini Guide to Working With the Borough of Poole – How to Compete Successfully for Contracts

b) Procurement Equality Standards for Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q Does the Council have “preferred suppliers”?

A No.

Q Where are contract opportunities advertised?

Visit the Supplying the South site to register to receive email alerts when relevant opportunities are published.

Q Does the Council operate Approved Lists?

A There are no centrally administered “Approved Lists” however some Council areas do maintain Approved Lists in accordance with Council rules. Details of these can be found on our regional contracts portal Supplying the South West. An Approved List is a list of pre-vetted suppliers that may be used from time to time usually for low value contracts. The Approved List will be reviewed at least once every 3 years and is maintained by the relevant Manager or Service Unit.

Q Are Approved List opportunities also advertised on Supplying the South?

A Yes.

Q Where does the Council spend its money?

A Please refer to the following diagrams:

ZoomSupplying the Council- Content image


ZoomSupplying the Council- Content image 3

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Useful Links

Contracts Finder – the Government website for contract opportunities

Supplying the South – a free of charge contracts portal used by all South West Councils (over 27 in total) to list current contracts and to advertise new contract opportunities.

OJEU – The European Union website listing above threshold contract opportunities.

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