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Your Borough Of Poole

Statement of annual accounts 16 - 17

The statement of annual accounts shows the financial performance of our activities and details our finances. We prepare the statement in accordance with the code of practice on local authority accounting.

There is also information on job titles, salaries and expenses of senior council officers.

Public inspection of accounts

There is a 30 working day period of inspection prior to the completion of the audit.

Read the inspection audit advert for 2016/17.

During the inspection period any member of the electorate may inspect and make copies of the accounts and the related books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts. Written objections to the accounts must be made to the external auditor and copied to our head of finance.

Read the statement of annual accounts for 2016/17.

Read additional notes outside the scope of annual accounts and audit.


The audit is completed and the audit opinion issued within 3 months after the statement of accounts is approved by the head of finance. Following receipt of the audit certificate we publish our full statement of annual accounts.

Read the audit completion notice for 2016/17.

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