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Real Time Bus Information

Real Time Bus Information

The Borough of Poole, Dorset County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council are working in partnership with the bus companies to expand the Real Time Information (RTI) system across the conurbation.

The electronic screens provide up to the minute information on bus departures and has proved popular with both residents and visitors.

What do the signs mean?

There are two types of message displayed:

  • If the display shows a departure counting down in minutes, eg. 10 min -  The system has identified a bus and will count down, in minutes, until your service arrives.  When Due appears the bus is less than a minute away.  Be prepared to signal clearly to the driver for the bus to stop.
  • If the display shows the 24 hour clock, eg. 12:52 -  This is just an electronic version of the printed timetable. It shows you the time the bus is scheduled to arrive and should therefore be taken as a guide.

Why aren’t all buses counting down?

Not all buses are fitted with the necessary equipment yet.

How do I know if the bus is Low Floor, i.e. suitable for wheelchairs and buggies?

A wheelchair symbol appears alongside the service number if a fully accessible vehicle has been identified.

The display showed my bus arriving in 5 minutes, but this then went back up to 6 minutes.  How can this happen?

The computer system uses satellite tracking to constantly estimate the arrival time of the bus.  If the service becomes suddenly delayed by traffic congestion, for example, it will recalculate the arrival time in this way.  A Delay message will also be shown when this occurs.

Is any information available for passengers with visual impairments?

Yes, most of the electronic displays can provide an audible announcement if required.  This is activated by a special key fob.  If you would find this useful please contact your local Council for further details.

What other benefits does the Real Time System bring?

There is added security for bus drivers and passengers because there is a radio system linked to the operator’s base. In addition, the satellite tracking of the buses enables the controller to see exactly where all the buses are so if delays occur action can be taken quickly.