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Three Towns Travel Project: Ashley Road

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What travel improvements were made on Ashley Road?

Ashley Road is open for business as normal.  More details about the travel improvements for this road are in the documents on the right of this page.

Scheme 3 in the Central Area of Ashley Road (from Jubilee Road to Albert Road) were mostly completed bin May 2015. In June 2015 a few finishing touches need to be installed such as the permanent installation of benches, bollards, bins and cycle stands.  The buff coloured surfacing will also be laid on the crossings such as Jubilee Road once the new surface has had time to settle.  Other works included: 

  • A new, centralised signal crossing allows bus users to cross the road at the point where they are boarding and alighting buses.
  • New / improved (widened) informal pedestrian refuge crossings, near Jubilee Road and Albert Road.
  • A new, informal raised crossing to slow traffic and encourage vehicles to let pedestrians cross on Jubilee Road. 
  • Improved bus lay-by, separate to on-street parking, enable buses to pull, fully into the lay-by allowing traffic to flow past.
  • New and upgraded bus shelters with integral seating and real-time information displays.
  • New tree pits and planting areas.  
  • Planned road re-surfacing were co-ordinated with these works to minimise further disruption.

Scheme 2 at Richmond Road / Ashley Road / Churchill Road were substantially completed in July, having started in April 2014. 

      • New traffic signal equipment was installed and are linked with those at Mansfield Road to help keep traffic flowing along Ashley Road. 
      • The junction has been raised to provide flush and level crossings to benefit pedestrians. 
      • Planned road resurfacing works were also co-ordinated with the works at this junction to minimise further disruption.
Scheme 1 at Mansfield Road / Ashley Road / Victoria Road junction were substantially completed in April 2014. 
      • New traffic signal equipment has been installed
      • The junction was raised to provide flush and level crossings to benefit pedestrians.
All improvement works were programmed to minimise disruption to residents, pedestrians, road users and traders.


What were the aims of the travel improvement projects?

The aims for all our travel improvement projects are to keep traffic flowing and encourage people to use more environmentally friendly ways to travel around, whether that’s by walking, cycling or using the bus or train. The knock-on effects will help to reduce congestion, improve air quality, support the local economy and make public spaces more attractive.

Works include improvements for:

  • Buses: better bus stops, improved journey time/reliability

  • Cycles: on street cycle lanes, secure storage

  • Pedestrians: more frequent/improved crossings, including access for those with disabilities.

  • The local environment: reduced street furniture clutter,enhanced quality materials, more planning, less dominance of vehicles and improved air quality

  • Vehicles: reduced congestion and improved journey reliability

What funding was available for Ashley Road?

The Council had £1million allocated for Ashley Road. This sounds like a lot of money but it may only be enough to cover a few travel improvements. By using your views at the beginning of this project, and throughout, we were able to prioritise where the money was spent and what the travel improvements looked like.

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