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Your Borough Of Poole


What we can do

  • Remove graffiti from Council property

  • Loan free graffiti removal kits to residents to tackle graffiti on private property.  

  • Provide a quotation for removing graffiti from private propety.


What we don’t do

  •   Provide a free service to remove graffiti from private property. 

How you can help

About Graffiti

Graffiti Removal Kits


About Graffiti

It is estimated that English councils spend £27 million a year on graffiti removal.  Graffiti can lead to the decline of an area and a lack of respect for the place in which people live, work and play. 

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Community Graffiti Removal Kits

To assist private property owners we have Graffiti Removals Kits available for loan free of charge.

The kits are easy to use and contain a ready packed assortment of products required for all types of graffiti removal. The highly effective but environmentally friendly products allow easy removal of graffiti without the dangerous side effects of hazardous solvents. For further details contact us.

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Prosecutions for graffiti are brought under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. Some recent cases have brought fine of hundreds of pounds and young offenders can be given a community service order.

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