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Your Borough Of Poole

LED Street Lighting

By April 2018 most of the street lights in Poole will be replaced with energy efficient LED lighting. Between November 2015 and April 2016 we replaced almost 8,500 lanterns on existing lamp posts.

We will be replacing a further 9,000 complete lamp posts which are over 40 years old between April 2016 and April 2018.

Details of the rolling programme for the LED lighting replacements can be found on the 'Downloads' section on the right hand side of this page. The current programmes show the roads we are working in during November and December 2017. Please note there will be a two week break in the programme starting week commencing 25th December. Any dates shown are provisional as the work itself is partly dependant on suitable weather and other issues which may be found once on site. The programme will be updated on a regular basis to include further installation works as it moves on.

Lighting within selected Conservation Areas, including the listed lamp posts in the Old Town, will remain unaffected by the initial programme but may be considered for upgrade in future where possible.

The main benefits with LED technology are the provision of a better quality ‘white’ light and the ability to make substantial energy savings due to the energy efficient properties of the light source. All existing part night lighting schemes across Poole, where lights are switched off between midnight and 6am, will be replaced with the LED lighting scheme. The new lights will stay switched on throughout the night but will be dimmed, where appropriate, during hours when use of the highway is reduced.