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Your Borough Of Poole

Additional funding for Highways

Highway Maintenance DfT Pothole Action Fund 2016/17

In April 2016 the Government announced £50 million of funding to repair nearly 1 million potholes across the country over the next 12 months.

Poole received an allocation of £91,000 for year 2016/17.

This additional funding was used to extend the structural maintenance programme to carry out works to prevent the formation of potholes and included the following works: 

Resurfacing of a section of 180 metres of Parkstone Road between Mount Pleasant Road roundabout and Birds Hill Road

65 sq m of preventative patching in Corfe View Road

Resurfacing of a section 220 metres long in Canford Cliffs Road between Lilliput Road and Haven Road.             

The original approved programmed is shown below:

 Maintenance - principal and non-principal roads

Gravel Hill (local contribution to DLEP scheme) £300,000

A349 Waterloo Road (Sopers Lane to Hatch Pond signal junction) £160,000

A341 Queen Anne Drive (footprint of junction at Gravel Hill and approaches) £100,000

Lindsay Road (St. Aldhelms Road to Leicester Road) £100,000

Livingstone Road (Uppleby Road to Lawson Road) £65,000

Gorsehill Crescent £40,000

Skid resistance improvement programme £40,000

Micro asphalt programme £52,000

Surface dressing £90,000

Carriageway sealing £30,000

Special drainage £90,000

Survey & software £30,000

Sub total £1,097,000

This additional funding has enable sections of the network in need of repair to be treated in a timely manner to prevent the formation of potholes and with their associated disruption to the public and therefore carry out maintenance more efficiently.                                                     

National productivity investment fund 2017/2018

The national productivity investment fund has been provided by the Department for Transport to tackle congestion and ensure that the transport network is fit for the Future.

We were allocated the £475,000 of funding to the maintenance block area of the capital programme to ensure that the transport network is fit for the future and will be utilising it to deliver the 3no. following high priority maintenance schemes.

Wimborne Road (New Inn to George Roundabout) £295,000

Sandbanks Road (Park Road to Clarence Road) £113,000

Fernside Road (Shah of Persia to Civic Centre) £67,000