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Highway Maintenance Programme

The programme is determined from priorities set by various considerations including independent condition surveys, technical officer assessment and recognition of views received from the public.

Although the programme represents the current assessment of priorities, it should be noted that the funding available will determine the final programme and emerging issues may need to be considered from time to time.

Highways Structural Maintenance Programme 2017-18

Start dates to be confirmed unless stated otherwise.

Resurfacing: Traditional replacement of existing road surface with new, usually restricted to the upper layers of the road construction. Due to budget restraints this type of work is generally carried out on our classified road network and only used on our unclassified (residential) Roads as a last resort.

B3068 Longfleet Road (Shah signal junction to High Street North). Works commence on Monday 2nd October with isolated repairs to bus laybys. Resurfacing to be carried out as from the evening of Monday 16th October until 6am Saturday 21st October. Works being carried out using one way lane closure : 7am to midnight Monday 16th No traffic from hospital entrance to Elizabeth Road. 7am Tuesday 17th to 6am Saturday 21st October no traffic heading from Elizabeth Road towards Shah signal junction. Emergency access to hospital and maternity unit always available.

B3068 Ringwood Road (Old Wareham Road to Seaview signal junction). Works planned for March 2018 and continue into April 2018.

A350 Parkstone Road Phase 2 (Pedestrian crossing adjacent tennis courts to Sandbanks Road). Works postponed until year 2019/20.

C304 Lindsay Road - Works postponed until year 2018/19.

C314 Culliford Crescent - COMPLETE

C328 Merley Park Road (Boundary to the 'White House')- COMPLETE

Buckland Road - COMPLETE

Gorse Hill Crescent - COMPLETE

The following 3 resurfacing schemes will also be implemented thanks to additional funding provided by the Department for Transport via the National Productivity Investment Fund.

For more details see http://www.poole.gov.uk/transport-and-streets/roads-highways-and-pavements/highways-additional-funding/

B3093 Wimborne Road (New Inn to George Roundabout) Works planned for February 2018 and will be done in conjunction Challenge Fund scheme, see below.

B3369 Sandbanks Road (Park Road to Pottery Road). Starts 7am Monday 23rd to 6am Wednesday 25th October. One way lane closure for duration with no traffic being allow to travel from Civic Centre gyratory south towards Sanbanks. No left turn out of Salterns Road, Glenair Road, Britannia Road, Pottery Road and Glenair Avenue. No right turn out of Orchard Avenue, Sherwood Avenue, Whitefield Road. 7pm Tuesday 24th to 6am Wednesday 25th road closed at railway tunnel adjacent Tennyson Road. Please seek alternative route.

A35 Fernside Road ( Shah signal junction to Civic Centre gyratory) - COMPLETE

An application to the Department for Transport for further additional resurfacing schemes from the DfT Maintenance Challenge Fund was successfully made and it will enable us to carry out more schemes to these critical routes:

B3068 Blandford Road (Boundary to Bridge Approach). Works planned for 2 phases to be carried out in November 2017 (Rigler Road to Inglesham Way) and January (Boundary to Inglesham Way, Rigler Road to Bridge Approach). Work to be done using one way lane closure. Details to be provided shortly.

A341 Magna Road and Queen Anne Drive - Resurfacing works planned for November 2017. New cycleway due for construction March 2018.

A35 Wimborne Road (New Inn to Fleetsbridge Roundabout) February 2018, to be done in conjunction with resurfacing works already planned to be carried out between the George roundabout and New Inn signal junction.

A3040 Alder Road (Wallisdown Road to Ashley Road, excluding areas resurfaced last year). Works planned for early March 2018. More details to come when available.

For more details see http://www.poole.gov.uk/transport-and-streets/roads-highways-and-pavements/highway-additional-funding-challenge-fund-bid/


Preventative Maintenance: extending the life of the existing road surface by preventing pot holes and follows Department for Transport guidance that 'prevention is better than cure'. Treatments are laid directly on top of the existing road surface and consist of:

Surface Dressing: A cost effective means of preventing water penetration, improving skid resistance and arresting the disintegration of the carriageway, typically using a bituminous layer with small stone chippings laid over the top. This work is generally focused on our Unclassified Road network but can be used on main roads. The final programme for this can be affected by utility and developer activity and will be confirmed nearer the time.

Works planned for:

Ashington Lane - COMPLETE

Durlston Road - COMPLETE

Milton Road - COMPLETE

Luscombe Road - COMPLETE

Alington Road - PART COMPLETE

Fraser Road -COMPLETE

Corfe View Road - COMPLETE

De Redvers Road - Works postponed until 2018/19

Excelsior Road - Works postponed until 2018/19

Micro Asphalt: A carbon friendly, cost effective treatment method for regulating unevenness and extending the lifespan of the existing surface. New surface is traffickable soon after laying. Material consists of a 17mm thick layer of bituminous material. Works planned early April 2017 for:

Sandford Way - COMPLETE

Solly Close - COMPLETE

Higher Blandford Road Service Road - COMPLETE

Higher Blandford Road 'Zig Zags' -COMPLETE

Lower Blandford Road Service Road - COMPLETE

Fairview Crescent - COMPLETE

Plantation Road - COMPLETE

Courtenay Road -COMPLETE

Mossley Avenue (Scott Road to Astbury Avenue) late October 2017

Hillside Road - late October 2017

Sark Road - late October 2017

Harford Road - late October 2017

Carriageway sealing: A quick, cost effective method of preventative maintenance by extending the lifespan of the existing road surface by enriching the asphalt and preventing water ingress. Operation is normally completed within hours. Works completed in:

Warburton Road - COMPLETE

Beamish Road, including adjacent cul-de-sacs -COMPLETE

Gibson Road -COMPLETE

Cribb Close -COMPLETE

Hodges Close - COMPLETE

Tait Close - COMPLETE

Kingsmill Road - COMPLETE

Special Drainage - Schemes to help alleviate surface water flooding on the Highway, various sites involving investigation and mitigation measures if appropriate. Please note that funding for such schemes is under extreme pressure and can result in a very long waiting period before implementation. All cases are assessed individually with priority given to those considered to be at greatest risk. The Council is only responsible for the maintenance of it's Highways drainage assets and not responsible for protecting private property. Please note that due to pressures delivering Challenge Fund schemes some of this work may be delayed.

Small Footway Schemes – Refurbishment of footway only.

Bader Road to Nettleton Close footpath link. - COMPLETE

The programme of works listed above is subject to constant review depending on out turn costs of individual schemes, changing priorities indicated by routine highway inspections, or particularly adverse deterioration due to factors such as severe winter weather, flooding, etc. All dates are provisional and subject to change.

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