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Highway Flooding

Drainage is an important element of the highway. The drainage system is designed to take water off the surface of the highway and to discharge it safely away.

Flooding Problems

Flooding problems can occur for a number of reasons including damage or blockages within the system.  However even when the system is well maintained, there may be circumstances when flooding still occurs.  For example, this could be due to exceptional rainfall or lack of capacity of a public sewer beyond the immediate highway drainage.

Intense storm conditions tend to be of short duration, but can cause local flash flooding.  In such circumstances, the Council will respond based on relative urgency.  Wessex Water  are responsible for public sewers.

Highway gullies and drains

Highway gullies and drains can become blocked very quickly when materials like mud or stones are carried onto the highway during heavy rain or flooding.  The same situation can also occur during periods of heavy leaf fall.  The Borough of Poole routinely clears all road gullies at least once a year and will investigate any reports of flooding problems.

Reporting a flood

If you wish to report flooding on, or from the public highway, or to report blocked gullies or gratings, please complete our online report it form.

It will help us if you can provide as much detail as possible such as:

  • Street name and adjacent property number
  • Details of the flood and what is affected by the flood, e.g. road safety, footway impassable, private property threatened, etc.
  • Your name and contact number

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