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Dropped Kerbs

The Purpose of Dropped Kerbs
You need a dropped crossing to prevent damage to your car and the pavement.  If you drive across the pavement without providing a proper dropped crossing we have powers to build one and recover the cost from you, or where necessary to erect barriers to prevent unsafe vehicle movements.

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Applying for a Dropped Kerb

You can download an application form and further information on the application process using the link on the right of this page.

Please Note: This application is required in addition to any Planning Application.

Your completed application should then be sent to the address on the form. For further information on the installation of dropped kerbs please contact Transportation Services on 01202 262247.  

Policy on Dropped Kerbs 

We will authorise dropped kerbs for properties where parking for one or more vehicles can be provided within the property. Wherever possible residents are encouraged to restrict the width of the dropped kerb, and approval will not normally be given to crossover widths of more than three standard kerbs (approximately 3 feet or 0.92m long) plus the taper kerbs. If there is no alternative but to create a double width crossover, this should be restricted to a maximum of six standard kerbs plus tapers.

Our parking guidelines specify the size of a standard residential parking space (currently 2.4m x 4.8m) and the manoeuvring requirements to safely use it. (The normal manoeuvring requirements referred to relate to an additional 1.2m length for spaces parallel to the kerb). Footway crossovers will not be authorised unless this facilitates access to a standard, useable space in accordance with these guidelines.

Authorisation will be made subject to the creation of an opening in the boundary so that kerbs are not dropped unless an access is actually created in advance

If, in the opinion of the Head of Transportation Services, the creation of the access requires changes to the Parking Orders or street furniture, then the relevant costs will have to be met by the applicant (further details on application).   

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Checks you need to make

If you are creating or constructing a hard-standing within the curtilage of your property you will need to contact the Council's Planning & Regeneration Services on 01202 633321 to find out if planning permission is required.  For example, there may be a condition which removes Permitted Development rights. If excavation work is necessary this may also need planning permission.

You should also contact Planning & Regeneration Services on 01202 633321 if the property is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area and you intend to remove part of the wall, fence or hedge.

Is the property an existing Council house?

If it is, your application must be accompanied by written consent from Poole Housing Partnership. Please contact them on 01202 633800 before making your application for a dropped kerb.

Is your property a former Council house?

Any changes to land or property previously owned by the Council requires Covenant Approval.  In addition a formal Deed of Variation may be necessary.  Advice and information can be obtained from the Council's Property Services on 01202 261242.

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Who can do the work?                                          
The applicant can choose to have the works carried out by The Borough of Poole or an accredited private contractor of their choice.
We do not hold a list of contractors but would suggest that you look at the Buy With Confidence website (www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk)
All the businesses on this web site have been vetted and approved by Trading Standards to ensure that they operate in a legal, honest and fair way.
Please notify us of your choice on the application form or after receipt of a quotation from The Borough of Poole, if you have requested one.

The Borough of Poole

The Borough of Poole will carry out all administrative and construction work on your behalf. We will provide a fixed price quotation which will include the cost of public utility searches. The quotation will remain valid for 6 months. You are under no obligation to accept the quotation.
Private Contractor
Works on the Highway can only be carried out by a competent contractor.
The contractor will be required to:-
  • Hold public liability insurance to the sum of £10m and indemnify both the applicant and The Borough of Poole
  • Have operatives and supervisors who are trained and accredited to the requirements  of the codes of practice under The New Roads and Street works  Act 1991

Before carrying out the work the contractor will be required to have an approved s171 licence to temporarily make an excavation in the public highway. The current charge for this licence relating to a dropped crossing is £130. An application form is available from to download from the link above or by post.
This requires documentary evidence of the contractor’s competence and includes a two year maintenance period for the works during which time they will be responsible for any claims arising from the works. After the guarantee period and upon satisfactory inspection and completion of any remedial works the highway authority will resume responsibility.

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How much will it cost ?

The application fee is £70.00, this covers the administration of the application and is non-refundable.   
The contractor will be required to apply for a S171 licence to excavate the highway. The current cost of this licence is £130. 

If you choose the Borough of Poole to complete the work the cost of the licence and the administration fee of £70.00 will be included in our quotation.

Construction costs and the S171 licence fee will be payable to your nominated contractor.

The cost of installing each crossing will vary according to the width of the crossing and/or the width of the footpath, however last year the average cost of a standard width dropped kerb was £750 plus VAT.  
Where less than two full height kerbs can be retained between crossings the new crossing should be extended to meet the adjacent dropped kerb. The cost of the enlarged crossing will be the responsibility of the applicant.  
Where an existing crossing is being replaced by a crossing at a different location, the redundant crossing must be returned to a full height kerb. The cost of both the new crossing and the reinstatement of the old crossing will be the responsibility of the applicant.
If the utility companies need to move their equipment, this will cost extra (e.g. moving a lamp column costs approximately £1,000).  Only 2% of applications were affected last year.  
Any alteration or addition to land or property previously owned by the Council requires Covenant Approval.  In addition a formal Deed of Variation may be necessary to vary the Covenants in the property Deeds.  (See Section B on the Application Form) Typical legal costs are between £150 and £250.  This is your responsibility and is independent of our decision on the dropped kerb.
We do not operate a discount or easy payment scheme for dropped crossings.

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What happens next?
On receipt of your application one of our highway inspectors will visit the site to carry out a safety check. If the inspector has any queries, we may ask you for further information.

We will advise you in writing when permission has been granted for the dropped kerb to be installed. 

If you have chosen the Borough of Poole to construct your dropped kerb you will have received a written quotation. If you have not already done so, you will need to sign and return a copy before we can complete the work. We will complete searches with the utility companies and add the work to our schedule. We will contact you before we start work but you do not need to be present at the time of installation.

Note: Please do not enclose payment with your quotation acceptance, we will send you an invoice after the work has been completed.

If you have chosen another contractor we will write to them giving the specification of the approved crossing. You will need to check with them that they have applied for a S171 licence which will need to be approved before they can start work.  Charges for the licence and the work are payable directly to your contractor.

You must not arrange for any work to be undertaken on the highway until you have received permission in writing from us. 

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