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20mph Residential Zones

20mph speed limits aim to improve the safety and quality of life for local people by promoting more considerate driving.  We hope this will encourage more of us to make greater use of our streets for walking, cycling, playing or just socialising. With less traffic and more people around, the places we live in should, in time, become safer, friendlier, quieter and cleaner places to be.

Following simplified guidance from the Department for Transport, we are able to introduce 20mph zones (where traffic is already travelling near this speed).

How you know you're in a 20mph zone

There are no physical measures such as chicanes or humps in the roads that have been added to an original 20mph zone. Instead you'll see road signs at the entry points into the 20mph zone, together with 'roundels' or circles with '20' painted on the road (at roughly 80m intervals) to remind drivers to slow down.

The benefits of 20mph speed zones

20mph speed limits improve the safety and quality of life for local people, by promoting more considerate driving. We hope this will encourage more of us to use our streets for walking, cycling, playing or just socialising.

With fewer cars and more people out and about, the places we live in should be safer, friendlier, quieter and cleaner places.    

Poole's 20mph zones

A new 20mph zone is currently being introduced in Poole Town Centre in the following roads: Catalina Drive, Colbourne Close, Furnell Road, Lander Close, Labrador Drive, Lagland Street, Newfoundland Drive, New Orchard, Old Orchard, Pitwines Close, Seldown Bridge (part), Taverner Close, Waldren Close.

Download the map for Poole Town's proposed 20mph Residential Zone.

20mph zones already delivered include:

  • Heckford Park/Longfleet zone - Poole Town Ward (2016)

  • Courthill zone - Penn Hill Ward (2014)

  • Cromer zone - Branksome East & Branksome West Wards (2014)

  • Heatherlands zone - Branksome West Ward (2014)

  • Salterns zone - Parkstone Ward (2014)

  • Newtown zone - Newtown Ward (2014)

In March 2014, Newtown became the trial area for residential 20mph zones .  There had previously been a 20mph zone in Upper Parkstone.  More roads were added immediately around Branksome Heath Junior and Sylvan Infant schools as part of our safety outside schools programme in 2012.  This left a number of residential roads in the surrounding area still with a 30mph limit.  Over the years we received repeated requests, including a petition, for the remaining roads to become 20mph. Now, most roads from Ashley Road in the south to Ringwood Road in the west and Herbert Avenue in the north to Churchill Road in the east are now within the 20mph zone.   

Get involved - help reduce traffic speed in your area

You can help raise awareness and reduce traffic speed in your local roads by taking part in Community Speed Watch (CSW), working in partnership with your Neighbourhood Policing Team. This enables members of the community to carry out speed checks, which are then reported to Dorset Police.

Further Information and advice about speed limits and other road safety information websites

Quick answers about speed limits - fact sheet

Information about speeding penalties

There are a number of road safety organisations that work towards making streets safer for everyone.  Although the content is not endorsed by the Borough of Poole you may find the information helpful: