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20mph Residential Zones

Government Guidance

Simplified guidance from the Department for Transport, was issued in January 2013.  This means we can introduce 20mph zones without the need for physical measures such as chicanes or humps. Our surveys show that in the roads the 20mph zones have been introduced, traffic is already travelling near this speed.

The guidance encourages councils across the country to think about creating more of these 20mph zones in residential areas.

The benefits of 20mph speed zones

We think 20mph speed limits are a good idea because they aim to improve the safety and quality of life for local people, by promoting more considerate driving. We hope this will encourage more of us to use our streets for walking, cycling, playing or just socialising.

With fewer cars and more people out and about, the places we live in should be safer, friendlier, quieter and cleaner places.   

Get involved - help reduce traffic speed in your area

You can help raise awareness and reduce traffic speed in your local roads by taking part in Community Speed Watch (CSW),  working in partnership with your Safer Neighbourhood Team.   This enables members of the community to carry out speed checks, which are then reported to Dorset Police.

Further Information and advice about speed limits and other road safety information websites

Quick answers about speed limits - fact sheet 

Information about speeding penalties

There are a number of road safety organisations that work towards making streets safer for everyone.  We do not endorse what they say but you may find the information helpful: