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Text for Bus Times

Every bus stop in Poole is being given a sign with a unique seven letter code, eg. pleawma. Simply text this code to 84268 and within seconds you'll receive a message telling you the times of the next three buses from that stop.

The departure time information will be displayed in the same format as the bus stops displays - either real time (eg. m1 5 mins) or timetable information (eg. m1 1414)


Text for Bus Image

Even better, you will also be able to receive information on a specific bus service.

  • Text the code of the stop you want to travel from.
  • Add the bus service number to the end of the code e.g. pleawma 15 (you must put a space between the bus stop code and the service number)
  • Text the code to 84268
  • In reply, you'll then receive a text telling you the times of the next three buses for your chosen service (in this case the next three service 15 buses)
  • Save your stop ID in your mobile so you can access real time information from wherever you have your mobile phone - in your house, school on the beach or even in the pub!

Return texts are free until 31 March 2015.

From 1 April 2015 return texts will be charged at 25p plus your standard network charges (where applicable)


Finding your Local Stop ID code  

Every bus stop in Poole is being given a sign clearly displaying the Stop ID code.

However, you can also access this information from the Traveline website.

Follow these steps:  

  1. On the Home Page you will see the "Find a Place" section. Simply insert either the address or postcode of where you will be travelling from.
  2. Press "Go".
  3. You will then see a map of the area with all of the nearest bus stops marked on it. Use your mouse to click on your chosen bus stop – this will zoom in and the stop ID code will be clearly displayed alongside the stop name.

Why not find all your favourite bus stops and store the codes in your mobile - you'll never miss the bus again!

For any further enquiries (including requests for information on Stop ID codes), just contact Transportation Services using the details at the top right of this page.

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