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Your Borough Of Poole

Routes and Maps

The definitive map

The Definitive Map records the location and status of all recorded public rights of way.  A Definitive Statement goes with the map and gives the start and end points and sometimes decription of the route.

Definitive map duties

In 1997 the Borough of Poole achieved Unitary Status which includes being the Surveying Authority for the Borough. Duties are to:

  • maintain the Definitive Map and Statement
  • investigate applications to modify the map and statement on user or document evidence
  • continuously review the map by Modification Orders
  • make the public aware of their right to apply to modify the map.

Changes to the map

The Council also has powers to make creation, extinguishment or diversion orders of rights of way known as Public Path Orders.

There is a deadline of 2026 to modify the map on claims based only on historic evidence. Claims based on use (20 years use without force, secrecy or permission) will continue.

Contact the Rights of Way Officer if you think you have evidence to add a right of way or up or downgrade a right of way status.

Lost Ways

The Countryside Agency 'Discovering Lost Ways'  Project and Archive Research Unit was set up to research historic documents now there is a deadline. Historic evidence includes: -

  • old highway maintenance records
  • tithe awards
  • inclosure maps and documents

Transportation Services and Strategic Planning have sent information to the Archive Research Unit and expect then to reach this area soon.

Definitive Rights of Way Records

You may use the walking map below or use our Your Poole    feature to look for rights of way status or routes. For any formal enquiry you should look at the legal documents or undertake a Local Land Charge Search CON29 additional question 5. This is not a standard search question so ask your Solicitor if you wish this infrormation checked in any house or land purchase.

All these documents are available for the public to view at St. John's House during office hours.  They are also available in the Central Library during opening times (Map in map drawers and a file near the enquiries desk).  These documents are referred to in any official search request.

Poole Public Rights of Way Map

You can view a working copy of our Map by selecting the link in the Downloads sesctions to the right of this page.  The map shows:

  • footpaths
  • bridleways
  • long distance routes
  • public open space

To zoom in on any part of the map use the magnifying glass icon in the top menu bar.  Then use the hand tool to grab and pull the map from any direction.  The map is not a legal record and should not be used in a legal query.

You can also browse the a Cycling Map (in the Download section to the right of the page) which shows cycle routes and bridleways in Poole.  Contact the Rights of Way Officer or Walking and Cycling Officer if you would like a copy of the map.  The hard copy has the cycling routes on one side and the walking routes on the reverse.

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