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Previous Bus Subsidy Reductions & Changes

Bus Subsidy Reductions & Changes 2016/17 – effective from April/May 2017

We again worked with the bus operators to manage the reductions in subsidies and lessen the impact on passengers.

  • The withdrawal of the Fern Barrow loop from the Yellow Buses 26 route (now U9) saved £14,300 per annum
  • The withdrawal of the last two journeys on the Yellow Buses Broadstone loop 18 route (now H1) saved £1,436 per annum
  • An amended Yellow Buses 20 route (now D1) which retained an hourly service between Poole and Bournemouth saved £18,900 per annum
  • The withdrawal of the morebus 128 route and partial replacement with an amended 10 route saved £10,000 per anum
  • Fares increases on the 445 (Allenbourn School) and 744 (Oakdale Junior) saved a total of £4,600 per annum
  • The combining of two school buses from Merley to Corfe Hills School and Broadstone Middle School following a reduction in passenger numbers saved £21,940 per annum
  • These changes plus other contract price reductions (£58,400) without changes to routes or timetables saved a total of £129,576 per annum

Bus Subsidy Reductions & Changes 2015/16 - effective from May 2016

  • During this year we worked with morebus to manage reductions in subsidies and lessen the impact on passengers

  • a minor timetable change to bus route 32 achieved savings of £15,278 per annum

  • the council consulted people about this change during February 2016

  • it was proposed to retime the 09:09 journey from Poole Bus Station to operate 4 minutes later throughout. It was also proposed to retime the 11:40 journey from Poole Bus Station to operate 33 minutes later throughout and to withdraw the short journey at 13:40 that operates between Poole Bus Station and Canford Magna

  • in the other direction, it was proposed to retime the 13:00 journey from Bournemouth Triangle to operate 30 minutes later throughout. This journey would only operate as far as Merley and the section of route between Merley and Poole Bus Station was proposed to be withdrawn

  • 50 consultation responses were received and considered by Councillors who agreed to implement the timetable changes with effect from 29 May 2016

  • the changes saved the council around £100,000, with most of the savings in subsidy reductions being absorbed by morebus with no changes to timetables

Bus Subsidy Reductions & Changes 2014/15 - effective from April 2015

  • the consultation ran from September to December 2014 to further reduce the bus subsidy budget with the potential to make additional savings of up to £150,000

  • 3,000 people responded to our on-line survey and a further 3,300 bus passengers on the potentially affected routes also gave their views

  • in March 2015, following detailed analysis of the results and discussions between bus operators and Borough of Poole's Route & Branch Working Group, it was agreed that all the services considered for cuts would be retained, although a change was made to the Yellow Bus Route 20 service

  • from 27 April 2015, the Route 20 service no longer served Compton Avenue and Lilliput but operated via Alton Road and Broadwater Avenue to Pottery Road. This change removed duplication with the morebus 52 service

  • morebus agreed to retain the winter timetables on its 50 and 52 routes without a subsidy from the council

  • fares on the Route ONE bus service increased to £1 for a single journey and £1.80 for a day ticket

  • these changes saved the council a further £39,200 a year on top of the £100,000 efficiency savings achieved in 2013/14

  • following the review in 2013/14 and efficiencies achieved in delivering bus services across Poole, the Council resolved to work in partnership with the bus companies to introduce changes that would deliver on-going annual savings of approximately £100,000 per annum for the next three years

Bus Subsidy Reductions & Changes 2013/14 - effective from May 2014

  • a review of the supported bus network took place during 2013/14
  • the review was discussed with morebus and resulted in a number of proposals to combine or reduce services to reduce the cost
  • a public consultation was held from November 2013 to February 2014
  • a total of 637 responses were received. In addition, journey details and comments were recorded from 2,208 passengers during the on-bus surveys
  • view the changes made to tendered bus services from May 2014
  • these changes saved the council £100,000