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Bus Shelters

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We currently provide and maintain approximately 90 bus shelters within the Borough and work in partnership with Adshel to provide and maintain an additional 125.

These bus shelters are provided to enhance your public transport experience by offering protection from the weather conditions whilst you are waiting for your bus.

Additional shelters

Additional bus shelters can only be provided where specific funding is made available for this purpose.

This funding may come from:

  • our own resources
  • a property developer or
  • other sources

Requests for additional shelters can be applied for by completing the request for new bus shelter form.

Location of shelters

We maintain a list of locations where additional shelters have been requested.

These locations are prioritised based on the following criteria:

  • number of bus services using that stop
  • popularity of bus stop
  • distance from potential demand eg. residential areas or employment centres
  • potential objections from adjacent properties

Consideration must also be given to:

  • width of footway
  • road safety (sight lines)
  • location of underground services
  • planning permission

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