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Your Borough Of Poole


'Streetscape' can be defined as the visual treatment of the spaces between buildings. These are the places where public life is played out, the public realm. Streetscape is concerned with surfaces (i.e. roads / pavements / hard and soft public spaces) and the items placed upon them (lighting / street furniture / public art). Streetscape is decorative, it is surface treatment, but it is fundamental to the appearance, character, vitality and success of any town.

Poole’s ‘streetscape’ forms a backdrop to our lives. Every single day we interact with the streetscape around us - the streets, walkways and public places. It affects how we feel about our town.

To ensure all developments contribute to the overall character and atmosphere of the town, a specialist team of architects was selected to design a ‘streetscape’ manual for developers.

This streetscape manual will ensure that the new streets, quaysides and public spaces created by Poole's regeneration have a consistent and attractive appearance and integrate with the town's existing streetscapes and character.

It provides developers with design guidance whilst not wishing to stifle innovation or creativity in individual developments. It will be updated to ensure that Poole's streetscapes reflect changing conditions.


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