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Your Borough Of Poole

Why Poole Needs Regeneration


After major development in the 1960s, changes in industry, growth in population and the need to protect the environment have challenged the town on how it will meet future needs.

  • Accommodating housing, employment and leisure activities requires creative, attractive and high quality design of buildings and public space.
  • Growing car use means residents and businesses need traffic solutions that reduce congestion and provide more sustainable links to the town and port without harming pedestrian movement and quality of life.
  • A major contributor to congestion and delay is the lifting bridge that connects the Town Centre with Hamworthy.
  • Surrounded by sea and heath land, Poole has limited opportunities to expand. Over 30 hectares within the town currently lie vacant or under utilised.
  • Rising house prices combined with average wages mean a growing need for affordable housing. To meet demand, 7,000 more homes are needed in Poole by 2026.
  • To ensure local businesses grow and jobs are created, more land is needed for commercial and business use so that Poole's economy can thrive.

The regeneration of Poole central area and a second harbour crossing will bring:

  • Up to 5,000 jobs.
  • Up to 4,000 homes, 1,600 of which will be for those with housing needs.
  • 2/3 new hotels.
  • An iconic bridge new access to the waterfront.
  • New public squares and open space.
  • Pedestrian environment where traffic moves slowly but reliably.
  • Improved access to town and the port.