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Your Borough Of Poole

Regeneration in Poole Town Centre

Poole Town Centre fronts one of the world’s largest natural harbours and has a rich history as a working town and sea port. The area is also home to Dorset’s largest indoor shopping centre and the biggest arts centre outside London. A wide range of recent development means that the town centre offers a unique mix of old and new in an unrivalled setting. The town centre also offers exceptional opportunities for transformation and growth that will extend the heart of the town, improving its connectivity, strengthening its unique character and diversifying its economic base.

The rejuvenation of the town centre is a high priority of the Council and is identified within the Council’s Corporate Strategy and Local Development Plan. To deliver regeneration and capitalise on the potential for growth it is expected that over the next 15 years Poole Town Centre will:

  • Deliver around 2,500 new homes
  • Deliver in excess of 20,000 sqm of new office space
  • Provide new retail and leisure development
  • Provide a distinctive, attractive and safe town centre environment 
  • Create new public waterfronts and a public space outside the Lighthouse 
  • Protect the natural environment, open spaces and Poole Harbour
  • Improve pedestrian and cycle links, connecting up different parts of the town centre
  • Improve transport links to the Port

Guidance published in 2004 has been successfully used to direct change over the last decade including the delivery of the Twin Sails Bridge, ASDA, Poole Quarter, the new RNLI buildings and development on the former Pilkington Tiles factory. However, Poole is now facing new economic, social and environmental pressures. The Council is therefore refreshing the previous guidance to provide an updated framework to guide development, facilitate positive change and ensure that high quality place making is embedded into future development projects.

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