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Your Borough Of Poole

Regeneration in Poole Town Centre

Poole's ambitious and bold regeneration project will unfold over the next ten years and bring with it a stunning and iconic second harbour crossing, new homes, employment opportunities and public open space that together will lever in significant investment. 

Poole has some ambitious plans for regeneration across its central area. These plans are set out in the Poole Bridge Regeneration Initiative: Planning and Urban Design Guidance for the Central Area of Poole Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) published in 2004. This document has been successfully used to guide change over the last nine years. However, to ensure the document remains up to date the Council is currently in the process of a document refresh. More information about the refresh can be found here.

A Priority for Poole 
Background information to the Regeneration project, including why it's a priority for Poole and the story so far.

A Vision for the Future: Information about the key principles that underpin and guide all future development and enhancement in Poole.

Gives an insight into how the scheme will be funded.

Twin Sails Bridge
Information about Poole's new bridge, including what it will look like and when it will be built.


  • Poole News: The Council's Magazine
  • Contacts: for the project

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