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Your Borough Of Poole

Regeneration Consultation


Local people play a major role in helping to shape the future development of the town. It is essential that residents, businesses, stakeholders and community groups get involved in consultation to ensure regeneration meets Poole's needs.

In 1998, a 25,000 strong petition was presented to the Government in support of a second harbour crossing; Poole has a successful track record in consultation and this continues as developments for regeneration take shape.

July 2000

Over 4,000 people study new proposals for the harbour crossing and regeneration at the Dolphin Shopping Centre. 75% of those giving their views support a preferred option for a second lifting bridge.

December 2000

The Government give initial support and ask for more detailed information on how a new bridge supports regeneration in Poole.

March 2001

Over 100 people, from the Harbour Commissioners, to residents groups take part in a workshop to examine the master plan. Results show broad support for regeneration that meets high design standards, respects the town's character and provides new homes, businesses and a bridge.

April 2001

2,000 people visit the Dolphin Shopping Centre exhibition to see how proposals are shaping up.

July 2001

Detailed plans are submitted to the Government showing how the new bridge will act as a dynamic catalyst for change, investment and regeneration in the town.

December 2001

Poole is awarded £14.14m by the Government towards a new bridge unlocking potential for social, economic and environmental benefits for the town.

Summer 2002

Local people help to shape Poole's Future giving their views on what they think Poole should be like in 10 years' time.

February 2003

Residents belonging to the Poole Opinion Panel are questioned about the existing bridge, as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) carried out by the bridge design team.

April 2003

Following a public local inquiry, an independent Inspector supports the Bridge route in the Local Plan and is unable to recommend that alternative routes are safeguarded.

June 2003

Consultation on the Streetscape project took place. Local people were invited to share their ideas about how Poole's streets and open spaces will look in the future.

July 2003

The Council, with consultants Gifford, carry out public consultation on the Environmental Impact Survey.

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