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Your Borough Of Poole

Key Principles to Guide Development


We, in partnership with local people, landowners, community groups and statutory agencies, identified four key principles to underpin and guide all future development and enhancement in Poole Central Area. They aim to reduce congestion, promote the economic prosperity of the town and provide new housing and leisure opportunities for everyone to enjoy.


Access & Movement

Opening the Waterfront - Plans aim to more than double the quayside currently open to residents and visitors with 1,200 square metres of new quay by ensuring all waterfront developments give free and open access to pedestrians. Access restrictions to the quay will only be considered in environmentally sensitive areas or for safety reasons.

Linking Communities - The new bridge will give residents and visitors open access and a continuous link from Hamworthy to the Town Centre for the first time. Residents and businesses will benefit from new streets and pedestrian areas designed to work with Poole's existing roads and create parks, public squares and streets that flow naturally.

Greater Freedom of Movement - Developments will connect areas of the Town Centre with West Quay and Hamworthy and give greater freedom to pedestrians. Barriers that restrict pedestrian movement including subways, pavement guard-rails and roads that encourage speeding traffic, will be avoided. Plans will also work to reduce the impact of existing barriers such as the railway line.

Better Designed Streets - By reducing traffic speeds and providing simple, direct links between areas, old and new roads will provide enjoyable areas to walk in. Interesting buildings and spaces, high quality pavements, seats and lighting will help to create areas for entertainment and activities as well as providing an added sense of security.


Community & Economic well-being

Creating Variety & Jobs - New developments will include a mixture of houses, flats, shops, offices, industry, cafes, hotels, leisure and community facilities for everyone to enjoy. New premises and investment in local businesses will provide opportunities, create new jobs and help to keep the town vibrant. Key locations such as the waterfront will include ground floor space for shops or cafes to create variety and choices for residents and visitors to Poole.

Mixed Housing - New developments will create over 2800 new homes and include houses and flats of various sizes, tenures and types mixed to suit a wide variety of people and meet Poole's need for more housing without developing on precious green sites such as Canford Heath.

Building Communities - New buildings, parks and spaces will help to develop local communities by complimenting existing homes, businesses, shops and leisure facilities. Good design will ensure land is used efficiently and new buildings add to and blend in with those around them.

Flexible Development - Smaller style developments which are more flexible and have a variety of uses, such as cafe's, shops or bars will provide more variety and interest as well as allowing buildings to be more easily adapted and re-used in future.

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Environmental Quality

Size of Buildings - Poole has many distinct and individual areas such as the Old Town which will be preserved. New developments will have to respect the height, scale and style of surrounding buildings.

Conserving the Environment - Any re-development must preserve Poole's local environment and harbour. New buildings that use recycled material, save or use renewable energy as well as saving water will be encouraged.

Parks, Squares & Open Spaces - New developments will provide new larger open-spaces and parks for people to meet, relax and watch the world go by. Plans include introducing high quality, co-ordinated seating, landscaping and lighting to make public spaces more enjoyable.


Security & Safety

Safe areas - People feel safer in busy areas both at night and in the day. Creating areas with are attractive and well lit with lively cafes, shops and buildings that face the street, will ensure people feel safe and can enjoy the Town Centre.

Getting Involved - Local people care about Poole and its environment and residents, schools and businesses will be asked for their help to design new high quality buildings and areas which are open and welcoming for people to use.

Creating Public & Private Spaces - Boundaries and fences will be minimised in areas next to streets and public spaces with clearly marked private courtyards and gardens.

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