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Your Borough Of Poole

Final Approval


The Department for Transport decided that a Public Inquiry was needed. This began on 27th September 2005 in the Civic Centre in Poole and finished on 21st October 2005.

We now have the Secretary of State's decision and the Transport & Works Act Order has been granted (giving the Council permission to construct the Twin Sails Bridge and approach roads, to act as the catalyst for the wider Regeneration project).

The decision was subject to a 42-day challenge period.

The outcome of the challenge period was that no objections to the scheme were made by any parties. The Borough of Poole now has conditional approval from the DfT to begin construction of the Twin Sails Bridge within the next 5 years. The approval and DfT funding is subject to beginning construction within the 5 year period, commencing 14th September 2006. Along with the DfT funding, additional Section 106 developer contributions have to be secured in order to provide for the whole Core Scheme prior to letting of the construction contract.