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Local Development Orders

Local Development Orders (LDOs) are made by local planning authorities and give a grant of planning permission to specific types of development within a defined area. They streamline the planning process by removing the need for developers to make a planning application to a local planning authority. They create certainty and save time and money for those involved in the planning process. The High Street LDO can be viewed by clicking on the underlined live link below.

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LDO Area

High Street LDO

The decline of the high street nationally has been well documented with commercial property vacancy rates nearing a national average of 11%. Poole town centre is no exception to this with vacancy rates in excess of the national average. Prior to the implementation of the LDO the scope to interchange between uses desirable for High Street without planning permission was limited. The LDO aims to help meet the borough’s goals of renewing the vitality and vibrancy of High Street by removing the need for planning permission for the change of use between appropriate use classes. This will see reduced costs and minimal time delays for retailers and business owners making the quick occupation of a unit much more feasible.

The LDO went through a consultation process in Spring 2013 and was adopted by Council on 15 May 2013. When preparing an LDO, a local planning authority must produce a concise statement justifying why an LDO should be made. This is known as a statement of reasons and has been made publicly available. The LDO takes effect for a period of 3 years as of the date of adoption after which it can be renewed, amended, or discarded.

Further changes to permitted development rights

Planning permission is not needed when the existing and the proposed uses fall within the same “use class”, or if the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended) says that a change of class is permitted to another specified class. Permitted development rights have been relaxed through the 2015 Use Classes Amendment Order with a summary of these changes available on the planning portal.

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