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Core Strategy

The Core Strategy sets out the vision, broad principles and spatial approach for development in Poole from 2006 to 2026. It is currently being reviewed to reflect progress in its delivery with a revised Core Strategy to be adopted by 2018. Other Development Plan Documents take the lead from the Core Strategy to ensure that they are in conformity with its vision, spatial strategy and policies. The various stages through to adoption of the Core Strategy are outlined below with documents viewable by clicking on the underlined live links:

Issues and Options Consultation

This consultation ran from October to 16 December 2005 and the responses received informed the Preferred Options Consultation document.

Preferred Options Consultation

This consultation ran from 11 April to 23 May 2007 and the responses received informed the Submission document.

Submission Document

The consultation on the Submission document ran from 28 May to 8 July 2008 and the responses received were made available to the Inspector. The Submission document was submitted to the Secretary of State on 27 May 2008 with a Public Examination heard between 4 and 14 November 2008 followed by the Inspector's Report in January 2009. Before the document could be submitted a Habitats Regulations Assessment was also carried out.

Site Allocation Representations

When the Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State in May 2008 it was subject to a consultation period between 1 August and 11 September. Among the comments received on the Core Strategy were Site Allocation Representations. A Site Allocation Representation is a representation to change the document by adding a policy which allocates a site for a particular development. Site Allocation Representations were made for Cobbs Quay Marina and land adjacent to Rydal Mount. These were available to be commented on and considered by the Inspector.

Adopted Document

At the Council meeting held on 19 February 2009, we formally resolved to adopt the Core Strategy accompanied by a Sustainability Appraisal.

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