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CIL Neighbourhood Portion

We are inviting people in Poole to bid for funding to support local infrastructure projects.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Neighbourhood Portion fund currently totals around £1M. The fund can only be spent on local infrastructure projects, such as enhancements to local open spaces and play, education provision, transport, health and community facilities.

The CIL Neighbourhood Portion fund is a great opportunity for communities to help shape their areas.

As required by national policy and guidance, 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy is set aside for the Neighbourhood Portion fund.

For communities located in existing Neighbourhood Forum areas, the CIL Neighbourhood Portion is kept for use in their areas and can be up to 25% of CIL monies collected. In Poole there are currently two Neighbourhood Forums; Poole Quays Forum, (which has a Neighbourhood Plan in place) and Broadstone.

View the Neighbourhood Portion map to find out if you live in an area which is eligible to apply. Zone A is eligible, zone B is a Neighbourhood Forum area, and not eligible.

We will liaise directly with these Neighbourhood Forums to identify how their CIL Neighbourhood Portion will be spent.

For the rest of Poole, we have set up this bidding process for communities to identify how they want their Neighbourhood Portion to be spent.

Apply for funding from the Neighbourhood Portion

Read our CIL Neighbourhood Portion fund guidance to find out how to make a good bid for funding.

Use our CIL Neighbourhood Portion funding bid form to apply for funding.

An important part of the bid is to liaise with ward Councillors, the local community and the relevant council departments so that you can demonstrate in your bid that there is:

  • local support for the project and
  • if required, we are able to fulfil the project.

Email your completed bid form to cilfunding@poole.gov.uk, or return it by post to:

Planning Policy and Implementation Manager
CIL Neighbourhood Portion
Borough of Poole
Civic Centre
BH15 2RU

You can apply for funding until 31 October 2017, at 5pm. You can still submit applications after this, but we won't consider them until after the next bidding deadline on 30 April 2018.

Funding bid assessments

The first bid round closes at 5pm on 31 October 2017. After this our CIL working party will assess the bids and make recommendations on how best to allocate the funds.

The head of growth and infrastructure will consider the recommendations, and make a final decision.

We will contact all successful applicants and request further information on how they plan to use the funds.

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